• IAG Auckland (NZI Centre), Auckland CBD

    IAG, Auckland

    LEDs sustainably reduce operating costs at state-of-the-art office building. More...

  • Wilson Car Park, Queens Wharf, Wellington CBD

    Wilson Parking - Wellington CBD

    Natural White LED lights brighten central city car park. More... More...

  • Northlands Countdown, Northlands Shopping Centre, Christchurch

    Northlands Countdown, Christchurch

    One-for-one replacement LED lighting scheme boosts ROI. More...

  • MG Marketing, Auckland

    MG Marketing, Auckland

    A lighting solution that gives outstanding visual acuity for produce assessment. More...

  • IAG Wellington, Wellington CBD

    IAG, Wellington

    LEDs sustainably reduce operating costs at state-of-the-art office building. More...

  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland

    Fisher and Paykel Healthcare

    BLS develops the gold standard for clean room LED lighting. More...

  • Turners & Growers, Christchurch

    Turners & Growers, Christchurch

    Move to colour-rich light source enhances selection of high quality fresh produce for exporter. More...

Welcome to Business Lighting Solutions

Business Lighting Solutions, BLS, is a specialist LED solutions provider, focused on designing, manufacturing and installing highly efficient, sustainable lighting for retail, commercial and industrial applications.

Our products are proven to deliver unparalleled performance and significant energy savings. They eliminate unscheduled maintenance to provide a rapid return on investment. They are also backed by the industry's most comprehensive warranty.

Our services include energy audits, lighting design, and financial services. So, if you are considering upgrading your factory or warehouse, hospital, office or cool store to an LED lighting solution, call our team to find out why BLS has grown to become the partner of choice for so many of our country's premium brands.

Company Milestones
Zigbee Wireless Controls Launched
BLS introduces a cloud-based solution for wireless ZigBee control, integrating lux, occupancy and schedule control, and full-power reporting of multiple sites
Largest Installed base of LEDs
In March, BLS surpasses more than 35M individual LEDs operating in NZ and Australia markets, with 0.0000073% failures since 2008.
LED Products Outperform Warranty
BLS LED products surpass warranty, with zero failures after more than five years operating in commercial, clinical and industrial lighting environments. More...
BLS becomes EECA Lighting Partner
LiteBox Series for Clean Rooms Launched
The LiteBox Series, designed to service the food and fresh produce industries with an alternative to metal halide. More...
Innovative LiteBay Series Launched
The LiteBay Series, designed by BLS delivers unparalleled performance through the use of the structural components as an active heat sink. More...
BLS Signs Export Order with AMP Australia
AMP Australia selects the BLS T5-D to upgrade 24 levels of the iconic listed building on Sydney’s waterfront. More...
Largest Retail Installation in NZ
BLS rolls out a series of supermarket installations for Foodstuffs, improving the quality of light in store, eliminating maintenance and reducing power consumption. More...
BLS is invited to join EECA as a Business Program Partner. All grants, energy and financial savings are underwritten and guaranteed by BLS. More...
Tube-based High Bay an Instant Success
The T8 LED High Bay, designed and manufactured by BLS is adopted by Foodstuffs, Turners and Growers and a number of other high profile clients. More...
BLS Surpasses Previous LED Project Milestone.
More than 3,000 BLS – T8 LED are installed at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, raising light levels while reducing power in product assembly and QC areas. More...
Innovative T5 LED Tube Patented
The BLS develops a radically new design concept and launches the T5-D LED, featuring an oval body for reduced glare and improved efficacy and longevity. More...
Industry-leading 5 Year Warranty Launched
After four years in the market and an extensive review of product performance, BLS launches the first, performance-linked, 5 year warranty for LED products.
NZ’s Largest LED Installation Completed
BLS gains international recognition by upgrading all the fluorescent tubes at Air New Zealand’s Engineering facility without causing any interruption to business processes. More...
Replacement LED for Fluorescent Tube Launched
BLS designs the first one-for-one replacement for the 1500mm fluorescent tube, and lobbies EL41 to establish electrical safety standards for LED tubes.
Standard-setting Ecofluro T8 LED Tube Launched
BLS designs first genuine photometric equivalent to fluorescent tube, establishing the Type B formally adopted into NZ/AUS standards in 2014. More...